Our professional staff at QAVAENG is experienced in a variety of biotech and pharmaceutical processes, construction, health care solutions, banking, hospitality, manufacturing, and food industry, so you will always have the support you need through our experience and knowledge. We provide comprehensive outsourcing solutions to your needs, covering every aspect of your organization’s growth and development.


QAVAENG helps ensure you’re getting the right tools and technology for your business needs and objectives. We’ll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, requirements, timelines, and expectations. We will even prepare estimates of the materials, resources, and services necessary, so you will have a more accurate idea of your expenses before taking the next step.


When setting your goals, you should always take stock of what you currently have and where you’d like to go. This is why QAVAENG provides assessment services as a key to success in your industry. We work with you to obtain an understanding of your business goals and objectives, and then we gather all the relevant data regarding the design and setup of your current processes. We then perform a gap analysis and provide you with a road map to achieve your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner. Since planning is essential to your success, QAVAENG brings you expert personnel from various industries to help you understand and define your business needs.

Business Division

At QAVAENG, we provide a comprehensive range of business services to our clients, including but not limited to the following areas::

  • – Benefits Plan Management
  • – Internal Audits
  • – Accounting and Finance Audits
  • – Training and Development
  • – Placement, Staffing and Recruitment

Consulting Division

QAVAENG’s professional personnel has the expertise to provide a comprehensive range of consulting services in the following areas, among others:

  • – Validation (Commissioning, Qualification, Technology Transfer
  • – Risk Management
  • – Project Management
  • – Quality, Compliance and Regulatory
  • – Process and Packaging Support
  • – Laboratory Support
  • – Documentation
  • – Engineering Services
  • – Computer System/ Information Technology/ Automation
  • – Placement, Staffing and Recruitment